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Quotes from Delighted Clients in Praise of Gloria Starr

“Gloria Starr is the pre-eminent authority on business etiquette and executive presence. She has the capacity to provide executives and professionals with cutting-edge insights and suggestions. Her stature transcends this country and she is known world-wide for her expertise.” Dr. Alan Weiss, Author, Million Dollar Consulting

“Dear Gloria, I want to start off by saying you are a superstar. I absolutely think you are one of the most straight forward but sophisticated people I have ever met. You get your word across with finesse and yet it seems to drive results without the need to be unkind. Thank you.” Gabriel Abed – Co-Founder & CEO,

“I must say that today was the best day of my life! I have never experienced such a positive change in a very long time. You are very unconventional in your training methods unlike other organizations who treat business as business but here you are mentoring me as your very own. I have never known anyone like you who goes the extra mile to support and care. I’m at a loss of words to express enough as to how grateful I am to have you to train me to become one of the finest consultant in the near future.” Reema V.

Ms. Gloria Starr is simply the best Etiquette Professional in the world today. Sir William DeWhite Jackson ll

“In a world of such incivility that pushes people to behave at their worst; rest assured…you are like a breath of fresh air blowing through us. You are a gift.” M. Rios

“Thank you so much, you have been essential in building my self-esteem to get this far, I’m forever grateful for you, your friendship and professional guidance.”  S Grasso

“Thank you Gloria Starr.  My time with you was beyond anything I could have comprehended before meeting you. I look forward to seeing and working with you on the World Stage. Your humble and grateful student always.” Jennifer Leach-Trask

“I knew there was something fierce yet loving about your soul, just from your picture – the eyes don’t lie.” Rick Clark – NASCAR TEAM Owner                      ______________________________________________

“I wanted to become more cultured, more sharp, more fabulous, and as the French so aptly put it, I wanted to become indefinable, to have an elusive quality, and especially a pleasing one. I wanted to be the lady that others say: “She has a certain je ne sais quoi that charms everybody.” That is what Gloria is and that’s what Gloria does for you. Gloria is the epitome of je ne sais quoi and when you take her training you will have that, too. Thank you, Gloria.” R. Sawyer-Corsino


“I was impressed by your determination, endurance and your courage to succeed from a small town girl to a global mogul. Your knowledge, experience, professionalism and international acclaim says it all. I have learned so much from you. Your teachings are always expressed from the heart with enthusiasm and love. Thank you for sharing your expertise, your life and your love for what you do. You are a gift.” Rosemary Gabledon

“I want to express my appreciation towards you for your activity on YouTube! You are the epitome of power, utter feminine power. Your videos offer me the educational aspects which naturally inspired me to have no less than gratitude towards you. Thank you!” D N Isovranu

“I find you quite fascinating, a very accomplished woman and the epitome of a truly self-actualized & transcendent human being. I think that the service and expertise that you offer is a critically needed. I perceive you to be a severely under utilized, natural resource of this country! I think that you are a rare and exquisite creature from head to toe and I found your videos to be informative, relevant and captivating. The question I have been repeating to myself is: “Why does she NOT have her own television show on a major network?” K L Manning

“Thank you so much for the wonderful insights you always share. I truly cherish and value them deeply. I do feel I have a very special heart connection with you apart from a deep respect and I have to  say it is your Integrity, your Genuine Warmth that have been instrumental in creating our bond. I value every thing you so graciously share with me and am doing all I can to make my dream of having you as a mentor come true. I wish you all the very best and all the success in all your business ventures. Your ever admiring fan.” K Kapoor

“I must tell you that I love getting your enthusiastic emails and after watching many of your videos I can just hear your voice in my head as I read them. I think you are just grand and I can safely say that I have already benefited from your generous nature by posting videos and sending out correspondence.I dream that one day I will be able to attend one of your courses and be able to connect with you face to face. Until that time comes I wish you all the best the world has to offer. Thank you very much for your generous contribution to the world. It is without a doubt that you reach far more people than you or I can even imagine.” Jennifer Hamilton

“Dear Miss Gloria, Each time I see an email of inspiration from you….I savor the opportunity to read it, as it applies to my life. I admire you in many ways and want you to know how much you contribute to someone like me! Wow! I’m so happy for your global success. The world is your oyster and you shine like a South Pacific Pearl! Thank you for sharing yourself in such a generous way!” Pamela Udall


“Gloria, I have to say that you always have some wonderful things to say you are by far very knowledgeable, professional and extremely nice” Bruce Small


“Ms. Starr, your personality is beautiful and enviable. Your teaching style is magnificent as you are totally committed to surpassing your clients expectations. You shared your acquired knowledge and experiences in your 20 + years with me during my Certification Training. I applaud your attention to detail, openness and willingness to help your consultants and clients become their absolute best. Thank you Ms. Starr for being such a graceful lady and fantastic teacher.” Enigbe Solabomi

“I have taken many classes, driven many miles, and spent thousands of dollars before I met and trained with Ms. Gloria Starr. In the time I spent with her she out of all the others poured out her 25+ years of this business into my heart and head the skills I needed to do the business. She not only taught and educated me on how to do the business but how to run a successful business. She truly teaches full out and full circle. It’s not enough to know your material (which is crucial) because knowledge is powerful you must know how to market yourself, your business, and this opportunity. Thank you Ms. Gloria you truly are the expert.” Kenya Dennis

“Dear Gloria, May I start by thanking you for a wonderful and life changing week of training, for your generosity in sharing your expertise and for being you, whom I simply adore. It is not very often that I meet someone who really inspires me with every word and every movement. Any student of yours who implements even half of what you taught will be a great success.Knowledge and good values are the quickest and safest path to success. Your Image and Etiquette Certification training encapsulates all of the strategies that are required to excel as an image and etiquette consultant and to present one’s self at his or her best. In this life changing training, I learned how to achieve maximum effectiveness and to aim for excellence in all aspects of my life. From the moment I registered for your training, my learning started. Your knowledge, integrity and determination to make every student their professional best was like a life force that brought out all of the good in me and challenged me to grow out of my old self and become the person I was destined to be. Thank you for showing me how to bring forth my best, for giving me so much more than I expected and for just being you – beautiful, excellent and a great coach and the leader in your industry!” MonaLisa

“In the time we have known each other, I have seen you position yourself as the leader in our field and expand your business in to a global entity. You are truly a dynamic business woman, excellent speaker and fabulous executive coach. You have continually impressed me with your level of expertise and you are a remarkable mentor.” Michelle T. Sterling, Global Image Group / Sterling Style Academy

“Gloria, your wealth of knowledge on every aspect from appearance to gestures to personal and group interaction was remarkable. Most impressive was your ability to customize the training information to incorporate our business goals and the personal goals of each of the management team. The most dramatic impact on the management team was your assessment of the various personalities, communication styles and how this affected the working relationship of the team.” Laura Ladu, Vice President FLYN Management Company

“I have watched Gloria work her magic on the famous, the common, on the executive and the housewife, on children and on grandparents. Gloria Starr is one of our Nation’s premier experts on executive presence, etiquette and communication skills. What she teaches – proper conduct, manners and etiquette are superb contributions to the heart and soul of this Country. Wherever Gloria goes, people become better citizens!”  M. Locke

“Gloria, your knowledge surpasses others and demonstrates unprecedented professionalism in every training program. You outperform your competitors through your brilliance, wisdom and integrity and you are one of the few that can truly be called a “Gurus” in your industry.” Roz Usheroff

Dear Ms. Starr, I had the chance to view some video uploaded at the internet with your etiquette lessons which I really enjoyed. Apart from your expertise in manners/etiquette you seem very glowing person radiating positive energy. It would be great if manners could be taught to all people as a compulsory course early in their lives. If you have any plan to visit France in the near future I would be delighted to meet you. With kind regards, Katerina K.

“I spent over one year thoroughly researching the perfect person to provide me the necessary components to become a certified image consultant. My desire was to work with the best person in the industry, who could mentor me with exceptional knowledge for an accelerated start in my new career. During my research is where I discovered not only the most qualified person in the image consulting and corporate etiquette industry, but the most successful, Ms. Gloria Starr. After reviewing all of her credential, it was evident that Gloria Starr possessed every aspect of being the most reputable, innovative and prestigious image consultant in America.

“I had the privileged opportunity to work closely with Gloria Starr. While working with Ms. Starr, I gained relevant insight to the career of Image Consulting. There is no doubt, that my opportunity for success increased one hundred percent, because of Gloria Starr’s diverse expertise. She is the Oprah, Donald Trump and Bill Gates of Image Consulting.” Victoria Fennessee

“I did not want another minute to go by without sending you this note. On behalf of the entire Senior Leadership Team and our spouses, I thank you for a wonderful professional learning experience.The lessons you shared are meaningful and will help us improve as a team. Also, we look forward to forthcoming engagements with you.” Larry Higgins, Vice President-Learning,Human Resources and Support Services, King’s Daughters Medical Center

“Over the past few years I have read with a profound sense of admiration of your accomplishments in several parts of the world, specifically the Middle Eastern region. Your training sessions and your direct interaction with people crossing all boundaries of class and religion have benefited many and inspired many more,and I am one of them. Today, it gives me great pleasure to welcome you as a Strategic Alliance Partner of Qatar Center for Career Development. I am confident that working together in Qatar and the Arabian Gulf countries, we will add both quality and value to people and corporations in all their good work in Qatar. Additionally, we will foster greater understanding and tolerance between people of different backgrounds through a greater learning and practice of etiquette and protocol in all facets of our life. I have been informed by Dr. Shaukat Chandna, the Managing Director of QCCD, that you have agreed to a proposal to visit Qatar sometime later this year. I am delighted and am looking forward to being one of your students. Thank you, Gloria, and welcome to the QCCD family.” Sheikha Maryam Bint Khalid Al-Thani, Her Royal Highness, Princess of Qatar

“I’m not certain “thank you” is quite enough for the inspiration you have given to me, not just at the wonderful seminar but also through your emails, your books and your web site. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.” Erin Shulz, Shannon Yachts

“Gloria, Thank you for being such a wonderful mentor and for giving me this opportunity to thrive and grow.” Shannon Furstenberg, President, Distinguished Professional

“I cannot stop telling anyone who has two ears how wonderful you are, how generous you are, how brilliant you are and how much I treasure our friendship. What a pleasure to be connected with someone who understands our business.  I especially like that you live to play and have fun while you work.  There are no words to express how grateful I am to have you in my life.” Roz Usheroff, Professional Speaker

“Thank you for sharing your amazing expertise with me. I appreciate the woman of excellence that you are!” Dr. Kathy B. Jackson, PhD

“You are truly one of the most amazing women that I have ever met. You bring out the best in me and in others. You shower people with ambition, confidence and the desire to succeed. Thank you so much for this life changing experience.” P. Kee, Model

“Thank you so much for helping us take Destiny’s Child to the next level. We have been busy implementing the changes. You truly made a difference in our lives!” Destiny’s Child

I am delighted to have the opportunity to provide you with testament to the proven talents and contributions that Ms. Gloria Starr has provided to me and to our company.  For over 17 years, I have enjoyed a successful career building and managing teams of people, formerly as an employee of small to medium sized businesses, and now as the Sr. Vice President and Principal of Automation Technologies Inc. – a dynamic, successful, customer-valued information technology services firm.The opportunities and increased skills that I have learned and developed from Ms. Starr allowed me to realize my natural abilities to create, develop, and sustain a growing company in such a fast paced industry.  The skills I have maintained have been instrumental to me, not just professionally but also personally.  I am a part of a fortunate few that spend a great deal of time dining and socializing with US Senators and Congressmen.  Proper etiquette is imperative in these environments.The services we provide in our industry demand our ATI team members not only be subject matter experts in their field, but also possess the highest levels of expertise in communication, presence, sales and marketing.  In the Washington DC Metro area image is everything. Ms. Starr is a consummate professional that delivers high-energy, content-rich programs.  She is completely reliable, and has been a pleasure to work with on several occasions.  Engaging Ms. Starr’s talents and reputation has been one of the most lucrative decisions we have made.  We continue to see the benefits through management confidence and a huge improvement in our communication skills among the leadership. We are grateful and fortunate to have had Ms. Starr’s expertise provide us with the tools and understanding we demand.  Her image training programs focus on image consulting, first impression management, corporate dress, personal and professional image, dress for success and creating a positive first impression, all of which have been invaluable to our company success.For example we have utilized Ms. Starr’s etiquette training programs that focus on meet and greet skills, dining etiquette, social etiquette, networking, business entertaining, business etiquette, professional etiquette, media etiquette, and executive finishing school to propel our executive management team and Human Resources department into the next level of professionalism. There are numerous professionals that claim to be an expert in Etiquette and Communication skills, but none that posses the depth, breath and wide spread knowledge of communication, professionalism, etiquette, and training skills as Ms. Starr.  Based on my extensive experience in the information technology industry and my exposure to the work of the top communicators, speakers, and trainers none in my opinion can out perform or demonstrate a return on investment as we have with Ms. Starr.It is my considered opinion that Ms. Starr is among the top 20 speakers and trainers in the industry today.  Through my research, there is no doubt that Ms. Starr is of a very small percentage of people that have reached the very top of the field. Paul Fauser, Sr. VP/Principal, Automation Technologies Inc.


“Your weekend Finishing School was world-class. Thanks so much for sharing all of this valuable information.” Joyce Soo, Sutton Realty, Vancouver, BC

“When I finally met the legendary Gloria Starr, she was everything I thought she would be and more: bold, vibrant, inspiring and full of practical advice.” Ameriprise Executive


“Your knowledge and understanding of human behavior was most impressive. I find myself using the skills constantly in meetings as well as private sessions with colleagues. I noticed that my effectiveness has increased and my stress level has decreased. Your professionalism, personal appearance and speaking style conveyed competence and confidence.” Bruce Helart , Executive Director Seagate Technology

“My sincere thanks for all you have done for me and my family. Attending your finishing school was a great experience!” Mike Locke


“Thank you for your recent presentation. The seminar was creative, fun and proved to be very insightful. Judging from the audience participation during the presentation and the continued and ongoing discussions since the seminar, I’d say we clearly hit a home run! I especially appreciated your preparation and pre-work that tailored the program materials and presentation content to the needs of our people.” Michael Mahoney Senior Manager, Professional Relations, Genentech

“After spending time with you in our coaching sessions on Ambassador Skills and business etiquette I have become much more confident in all business situations. The skills have been especially valuable in business social functions involving business partners from other countries. I now have an edge over my competitors because of your coaching.” J. Giglotto

“Thanks so much for sharing your expertise. Your business etiquette session was enjoyed by all and was a terrific ending to to our offsite conference. You captivated your audience – which says a lot for a late Friday afternoon time slot!” Jay Sullivan, McKinsey & Company

“I have worked with many people in the image, etiquette and business relationships and Gloria is head and shoulders above the rest. She is a published authority, sought-after speaker and highly respected consultant. I endorse her work here without qualification.” Alan Weiss, Million Dollar Consultant

“Your contribution as a business coach in the field of etiquette and communication skills is essential. I will continue to refer clients to you. Your work is outstanding.” Louis Boisvert, Consul and Senior Trade Commissioner Canadian Consulate

“I now have the competitive edge after attending your Executive Finishing School. The information on impression management, business and social etiquette and ambassador skills has increased my sphere of influence in the business community.” Jim Wilson, President and CEO, Terminal Velocity

“It is essential that I say, right away, that the time you spent with us was enlightening, exciting, informative, even mind-boggling. Your wealth of knowledge on every aspect of individual development from appearance to gestures to personal and group interaction is remarkable. But your ability to empathize with your varied audience and give each the information they need to know, in a manner they can assimilate, is truly astounding.” Yvonne Callaway, Manager Investor Relations, Dominion Textile Inc.

“Thank you so much for the valuable lessons on presentation and style. Your gentle and tactful way of bringing across suggestions impressed me. Your fine taste and highly professional appearance add to the tremendous value in getting your appearance ‘just right.’ I will take your lessons to heart. I look forward to working with you in the future.” Tom Breur, XLNT Consulting – the Netherlands

“Your attention to detail and professionalism in support of the Northern Telecom vision and conference strategy are qualities that recognize “value-added” partners well above and beyond competition.” David Wright, VP Client Services, Marketing Communications

“Your skills, humor and presentation style made a memorable impression. Your ability to take technical people, mostly accountants and transform them in to business advisors is remarkable. I will continue to recommend you to other executives as a coach, seminar leader and professional speaker who can improve personal and professional performance.” Alan McVay, Corporate Director Rinker, Rinker Materials and Readymix

“From our beginning discussions about the applicability of the seminar within our organizational context through the seminar itself and to completion. I was impressed with your obvious commitment, sincerity of purpose, energy and knowledge.” Dr. Michael Hoare, Staff Development Services, Fanshawe

“Unbelievable! I found our session to be extremely interesting and most valuable. I certainly see a definite need for such assistance in today’s working environment and for this reason, I am sure you will have continued success.” Stephen Ford, Financial Advisor, Midland Walwyn

“Thank you for all of your expertise and advice during my recent Nomination campaign for federal politics. Your assistance with my speech writing was invaluable. This positive and direct speech received many compliments at the nomination meeting. As usual, your professional advice regarding my visual presentation was impeccable.” Dr. Kelly Leigh Thomas, Ontario, Canada

“Thank you for your splendid presentation to the senior staff and volunteers of The Canadian Red Cross Society. We realize that in today’s competitive world, the members of not for profit organizations must also present a correct and polished image.” Jim O’Brien, The Canadian Red Cross Society

“I want you to know how very pleased we at TMAC were with the quality of the presentation you gave at our annual conference. The transformations were first rate. I have highly recommended you to other association conference planners.” Veronica McNeilly, Director, Treasury Management Association of Canada

“What a difference. Since the Executive Coaching session with you, I often receive very positive remarks about my appearance and my programs. You brought me back to the basics and beyond. Coaching from you, self confidence and great program material, has become my Success Strategy.” David Stanley, Past President, Florida Speakers Association

“Everyone has nothing but words of praise. It is evident that not only have appearances changed, but so have attitudes.” Jacques Wade, Allied Automotive

“We were very impressed by the skill with which you wove together areas of interest to us and those you felt were important. This tailoring of information assured that the ideas presented were of practical value and immediately applicable, not only in our professional endeavors but in our personal lives as well. Your energetic presentation and genuine interest in the subject matter quickly spread to all of the participants.” Margo Clinker-Farquhar, Communication Rehabilitation Services

“Thank you Gloria! The investment in a personal consultation with you has paid big dividends. In fact, it was one of the best investments I made this year. I have made several big investments in designer clothing and I always receive compliments from my friends and business colleagues. Thanks for your assistance.” Maria Hyman, Indus International, Senior Director of Education, San Francisco

“I want to thank you for changing my life! The consultation with you lead me on a very important journey. I have always felt so lost on what to buy in clothing and how to look polished for the job. Shedding my outdated image and replacing it with a polished and professional image has been so exciting and rewarding in every way. Every day someone comments on how well I look and I feel like an ambassador for my new business. I really liked your balanced program of professional advice from greeting clients to clothing, etiquette and all aspects of professionalism. Thank you again and I will refer you to everyone I know.” Joan Rammer, owner Chandler Gallery, Jupiter, Florida

“Ms. Starr’s assessments are fast, concise, and right on the money. If you’re involved in the world of non-profit, where donor relations are a priority, the information gleamed from this DiSC assessment is indispensable. Gaining insight into your own behavioral style is the best way to relate to the styles of your donors and to help them find the right match for their contributions. PR and development directors take note – self knowledge builds better donor relations and that means larger gifts. Take advantage of this program NOW!” Jeff Walker, Director of Public Relations, Bethesda Home for Boys

“The feedback is nothing short of exceptional! Here are a few of the comments. WOW, I can’t believe anyone could do a better job than Gloria. Excellent training. One of the best, by far, I have attended. This is fabulous course material. Thank you for your grace, tact, enthusiasm and professionalism. We look forward to working with you in the coming year.” Sue Gattenby, Administrator, Training/Education & Employee Development, TDS Telecom

“I must express my sincere gratitude to the daring attitude and devotedness you have shown in our training programs. Your ability to motivate and inspire broadened my vision. The China market is full of opportunity and your training made a big difference.” Amy Chan, ACI China Integrated Communications

“Ms. Starr’s solution to our staff development needs was nothing short of exceptional. Her recommendations, based on the DiSC assessment tool helped me to better understand my staff and maximize their strengths. It helped me to realize that everyone needs to be addressed and coached in different ways when discussing matters of concern and performance improvement. If you think you know your staff strengths and areas of challenge, I suggest you make the investment like we did. It may surprise you! Thank you very much Ms. Starr.” Bob Blanchette – Production Manager, Home Product Design, Indiana

“I have found every experience that I have had with you sets the model for professional decorum and class. Any astute observer can learn a good deal from your actions and your comments.” VP of Human Resources

“When I requested your assistance with an employee’s executive finishing school, I expected you to be top-notch (based on your stellar reputation) but you managed to exceed my already high expectations. You are a remarkably talented and savvy business woman with whom I enjoy working, especially because you understand business, know the criticalness of developing employees into ambassadors for themselves and their organization, and are so pleasant. I appreciated your extreme diplomacy in relaying information to your client that they may not be ready to hear about the changes they need to make, and your ability to persuade them to make the necessary changes was remarkable.” Laura Weaver, VP of Human Resources

Gloria Starr serving clients globally in Abu Dhabi, Africa, Australia, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Canada, China, Dubai, Egypt, Europe, France, India, Italy, Japan, Lebanon, Malaysia, New Zealand, Nigeria, Pakistan, Qatar, Russia, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, South America, Thailand, UK, United States since 1983.
Clients in Abuja, Alexandria, Atlanta, Beijing, Boca Raton, Birmingham, Cairo, Cape Town, Chicago, Cleveland, Dallas, Denver, Doha, Dubai, Edmonton, Ft. Lauderdale, Ft. Worth, Greensville, Hawaii, Hong Kong, Honolulu, Indianapolis, Jacksonville, Johannesburg, Karachi, Lagos, Lahore, Los Angeles, Los Vegas, Miami, Melbourne, Mumbai, Newport Beach, New York, Oakland, Orlando, Osaka, Palm Beach, Phoenix, Portland,  Qatar, Rio, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, Sacramento, San Diego, San Francisco, Scottsdale, Shanghai, Sri Lanka, Sydney, Toronto, UAE, Vancouver, Virginia Beach, Wilmington


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