Books  and Training Manuals by International Business Coach, Gloria Starr

Tea Etiquette eBook

Tea Etiquette in the Modern Day World 
18 pages with color photos and 10 minutes of video clips  click here to purchase  $95.

Wine Wisdom eBook

Wine Wisdom in the Modern Day World 
21 pages with color photos and 20 minutes of video clips click here to purchase $95.

Dress to Impress Yourself and Others ebook

Dress to Impress Yourself and Others  
(men’s edition) 
24 pages with color photos and

26 minutes of video clips 
click here to purchase $95.

Dress to Impress Yourself and Others  (women’s edition) 
54 pages with color photos plus
26 minutes of video clips 
click here to purchase $95.


Masterful Communication Skills
31 pages, full color and 63 minutes of educational video clips $95. Click here to purchase


Modern Day Manners
19 pages, full color and more than

100 minutes of video clips $95.
Click here to purchase


Qatar Insights
15 pages – understanding the customs, culture and food in the Middle East / GCC Region. The content is ideally suited to visitors and professionals on work assignments in the Middle East click here to purchase $95.

Praise for books by Gloria Starr 
“You are a GENIUS to be sure!  You look wonderful, unique, creative, reserved, a “product of the product ” you present on, one-of-a-kind, and on and on ad infinitum! WOW!   While viewing 101 pages, I couldn’t get over how great you look. One can see the Passion in you and I am sure you wow your audiences.  Congratulations to you, Gloria STARR.  You made it, once you found the stage was for you and the subject to present was so close to your heart…………….the rest was mere WORK, coupled with continued Passion and Improvement.  You have won the right to be the Diva of your profession! Thank you for this precious book. In total Admiration of your talents.” Rosalie Wysocki, Canada’s Performance Motivator

“I just finished reading your new books. The material is truly outstanding. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and professionalism. I highly recommend your books to my friends and colleagues” Joyce Soo 

“Thank you for the amazing books. I can only imagine how much time and love went in to it’s completion. You have such a gift to share with the world. It is good to know that you are making the world a more civilized place. Beauty, charm and graciousness has no boundaries.” Elizabeth Anderson

“WOW, the book is amazing. You are amazing. Thank you for these beautiful books. “Moe Kountouris

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