Ambassadorship and People Skills: Network Your Way to Success 

Ambassador Skills: 
Charisma, chemistry and confidence are the characteristics shared by winners in all walks of life. These people have the astounding ability to forge instant bonds with anyone, anywhere and anytime. Think of yourself as an Ambassador…how would an Ambassador handle the situation?

People who have personal magnetism and people skills will profit professionally. This seminar is designed to enhance your people skills, teach you how to make a positive and lasting impression and add to your bottom line. 

Dress for Impact 
The Seven Commandments of Ambassadorship 
Strategies: Prior Preparation Prevents Poor Performance
Remembering Names
Introductions and Correct Posturing 
Dissolve Communication Barriers through NLP
Small Talk Made Easy 
Get That Rolodex Rocking and Rolling 
Ambassador Networking Intelligence
Meet, Greet and Charm 
Establish Rapport 
Opening Lines – Ice Breakers, Conversation Starters and Stackers
Keys to Lively Conversation 
The Fundamental Laws of Social Conversation 
Good Manners Equal Good Business 
Cocktail Parties, Business and Social Manners 
Ambassadorship at Conferences, Seminars and the Office Party

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Position Yourself for Success in any Situation 
Transform your average looks, ordinary wardrobe  and mediocre social skills into a magnetic presence to ace the business and social scenes with your impeccable style and finesse… Click here to find out more 

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