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Professional Athletes Finishing School by Gloria Starr

Polish your professional image 
Ace those media interviews
Increase your sphere of influence 
Gain lucrative endorsement contracts 
Acquire the competitive advantage 
Increase your interpersonal skills

Gloria Starr, the leading provider of Image, Etiquette and Communications coaching and training is pleased to offer the Professional Athletes Finishing School. 

This signature trademarked program is one-on-one coaching designed to increase your visibility and perceived value as a sports celebrity. Your ability to draw a crowd, set a good example for your team and your country, raise the most money for charity through the skills learned in the Professional Athletes Finishing School will position you as a “class act” with a “presence of greatness.” Your polish, poise, posturing and positioning will be reflected in your compensation and your bottom line.

Key Components of the Professional Athletes Finishing School

First Impressions – Lasting Impressions 
In the first thirty seconds people make judgments about you on a subconscious  level, based on what they see, hear and sense. From business casual to the ultimate power look, tailor your presentation for success.

The Six P’s of Personal Marketing 
Persona, packaging, positioning, presentation, promotion, passion

Business and Social Attire: How Your Clothing Reflects Your Success
Appropriate Attire for all Occasions
The Psychological Effect of Color 
Attention to Detail 
Authority Dressing Guidelines 
Accessories That Spell Success

Five Rules of Personal Marketing 
Exude Confidence  
Create a Powerful Aura  
The Art and Science of Impression Management  
Create a Powerful Verbal Business Introduction Card  
Develop a Prosperity Consciousness

Presence is Power 
Winning attributes through the art of visual persuasion

The Charisma Factor 
Powerful techniques to harness the emotional energy of others and inspire,  persuade, and guide people with ease 
and striking results.

Communication Styles and Instant Rapport 
Identify your communication style and master the art of instant rapport and forge a bond with anyone, anywhere, anytime.

Media Savvy
Successful sport celebrities know the value of positive press coverage. Discover the inside track to media recognition and learn the techniques to  embellish and sharpen your public image. Master the key components of a successful interview with the knowledge that 
will distinguish you. Seize the moment to create exposure. Airtime is money, keep it brief and powerful. Refine your message to suit your audience. Discover a wealth of knowledge on working with the media that will positively affect your performance and showcase you at your personal and professional best.

Savvy Networking
Learn to build bridges, bonds and relationships through powerful NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) techniques

The Art of Conversation 
Public speaking and media appearances
Meetings, phone calls and written correspondence
Introductions, active listening skills, small talk and compliments

The Etiquette of Good Business
Solid business relationships include mastering the art of etiquette and  the social graces. 
The Art of Introductions 
Powerful and Appropriate Body Language 
Business Etiquette and the Social Graces 
Presence, Poise, Posturing and Positioning 
Small Talk for Smart, Successful Athletes 
Meet and Greet Skills 
Gift Giving 
Saying “thank you” with Style 
Network Your Way to Success 
Electronic Protocol and Courtesies

Dining at Business Events and Charity Functions
Relationships are developed and strengthened in social situations. Mastering the art of fine dining adds to the competitive edge in today’s social and business climate. The host and the guest each have a responsibility to ensure the overall success of the event. 
The Tools of the Table are the Tools of Business 
Dine Like a Diplomat with a Continental Flair 
The Art of Entertaining and Being Entertained 
Small Talk – Table Talk 
Duties and Responsibilities of the Host and the Guest 
Posture and Poise at the Table 
The ABC’s of Eating and Drinking 
Wine Selection

The Professional Athletes Finishing School  is highly interactive and includes:
DiSC communication assessment tool 
Personalized communication style computer printout 
Neuro-linguistic programming techniques 
People reading charts 
Leadership profile 
Key strategies for greater success
Tutorial luncheon-power breakfast  
Cocktail event/networking
Formal dinner/fine dining experience 
One-on-one coaching 
Image evaluation and re-engineering 
Media coaching and interview skills 

The Professional Athletes Finishing School SM is offered in a two, three or five day intensive session with the added option of additional coaching and mentoring. Your investment ranges from $12,000. to $40,000. US dollars.

Gain the competitive edge with The Professional Athletes Finishing School SM 
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A personal note from Ms. Starr: Your polished, professional and respected image is a direct reflection of you, your pay check and your bottom line. My role as your coach is to set you up for greatness and long term success by tapping into your strengths and skills.

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