People Skills – a Lost Art

People Skills…a Lost Art?

Natural charisma and high people skills are rare gifts, indeed. Can people skills be developed? Yes, people skills can and should be developed. People come in all shapes and sizes with unique and different personality types. There are four main personality – behavioral types: Dominant, Interactive, Steadiness and Conscientious. We may have all of these behavioral styles in varying degrees in each of us. We may also need and use these behavioral styles in different situations and with different people. People are individuals with as many similarities as differences from one person to the next. To communicate more effectively, each person will require you to communicate with them in their own individual preference style, using their language style, similar body gestures and pitch, pace and intonation. The more you match and mirror someone, the stronger the connection becomes.

Discover the Ambassador Skills Behavioral Insight
Online Assessment Behavioral Insights: people exhibit all four behaviors in varying degrees of intensity.
D stands for Dominance and how you respond to challenges and problems.
I stands for Influence and your ability to influence others to your point of view.
S stands for Steadiness and how you respond to the pace of your environment.
C is about Compliance and Constraints and indicates how you respond to rules and procedures.

Influence = Positive, Productive Relationships The Ambassador DISC assessment is a great tool to increase your people skills. This assessment provides insights into communications, conflict-resolution, motivation, team-building and enhanced people skills. More details and to invest in your assessment insights, just click on this link

Express Your Thoughts and Feelings Clearly
We are bombarded with messages every second of the day. People have different ways of communicating. Communication styles can be clearly understood through what you see, hear and feel. The art and science of NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) combined with the DISC Ambassador Skills Behavioral Assessment is a sure way of developing exceptional people skills.

Select a Business Mentor
Often, finding a mentor is as simple as asking a leader you respect to be your mentor. I personally offer Mentoring opportunities to a few select people. Details at

Commend – Recommend – Commend
Giving and receiving feedback is a key communication skill that is essential if you want to excel at developing long-term business relationships. I suggest that you first extend a sincere compliment, follow this with a practical suggestion for improvement and finish with sincere praise. Remember that truthfulness is a subjective view. What you may find distasteful in someone may be equally desirable from another person’s point of view.

How to Pay Someone a Compliment

Influence How Other People Think and Act
We all have opportunities to influence how others think and act. We are able to shape the thoughts and actions of those around us each and every day. From something as simple as smiling and saying, “Hello” as a way of influencing someone’s mood, to leading by example during an intense period of change, there are many ways of either leading to or drawing out of others required behaviors and attitudes. Attitude leads to an emotion. Emotions lead to an action. Focus on attitudes and you have a reliable way of predicting actions. Attitudes are contagious. Is yours worth catching?

Conflict Resolution
Learn to read a person like a book when you know, understand and use the Ambassador Skills DISC profiling. Give people the opportunity to express their concerns, disappointments and anger in a face-to-face meeting, gives you tremendous opportunity to improve the situation or help them see where their thoughts and feelings are misplaced. More details and to invest in your assessment insights, just click on this link

Collaboration Accept responsibility, share the work load, understand and acknowledge people and their differences.

Bring Out the Best in People
The idea of being people skilled is knowing how to bring out the best in others in any situation. By mastering the essential people skills, you dramatically increase your chances of achieving the best outcomes in your business and personal interactions. Become an Ambassador for yourself, your company and your country.

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